Snuggy Bear Slippers

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm a sucker for slippers - I know it's an old granny thing to like but when you live in a old house with entirely wooden floors slippers are a blessing from the heavens!
So a little while earlier I spoke about Duvet Ducks- slippers made from duvets, well here I present to you fresh off the runway from Berlin Fashion Week (err)

They are so lovely and chunky, the bear is huge too and you cannot miss it when you walk in the room. I love how fluffy and cosy they are.
Sometimes, the little bear eyes get covered up by how much fluff is on the slipper and then they look less cute and more like eyeless bears.

Anywho they are my new favourites and cost the sweet ol' price of £4.50 from Debenhams


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