Hey...am I doing 'it' right?

Monday, 2 July 2012

When I think of scrapbooking I think of little old ladies crouching over a table of war time photographs and musty magazine cut outs. Which maybe isn't such a kind perspective
But when I came across a bundle of just 'stuff' I had no idea what to do with it all. It included so many train tickets that I couldnt even count, cute little messages from friends, snippets and treasured photographs.

I wanted to combine them all together in a fun way than just sticking the photographs in a photo album and putting the knick knacks in a dusty shoe box.

And the solution was...scrapbooking!

I don't know if I'm 'doing it' right I wikipedia'd 'scrapbooking' to see if what I considered scrapbooking was the actual definition and quite frankly I'm still not sure!
But from what I gathered it is basically, a mish-mash of collages, little embellishments and snippets on a page and two approaches can be taken

1.A neat pristine and rather expensive looking approach with clean and concise scrap books

2.Or the 'Alexia' approach where I basically cut up everything in sight and purpously tear pictures to give them a breezy rough edge to cover up my horrible cutting and slap it all down on the page where I think it looks good

For now, I'm quite happy with my approach! And the scrap book cost the grand ol' price of £3-ish which is cheaper than a photo album and much more fun!

So there you have it, perhaps I am a convert and I join in scrapbooking alongside the war time grannies from my head.


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