Innocent Garden Lunches

Friday, 27 July 2012

I've been lapping up the lovely weather and decided to make use of the garden furniture and ate lunch outside!
I didn't make it myself, I just put it in the microwave but the fun people at Innocent Towers did and it was de-licious

I thought I'd share the packaging with you as I think it's great and so positive!

How fun to hand someone a random rosette just to tell them that they are lovely! In the small print around the rosette it says lots of cute things that the person does to make them brilliant such as calling their mum often haha
 If you can't read the writing on the packagaing, click on the picture to make it bigger! If you're too tired to read it's all about telling you to imagine you are in the beautiful water looking up at the candy floss sky!

And this was my delicious lunch, the sweet chilli flavour is my absolute favourite as it's not too spicy like the others and it has baby corn in it and potato, i love baby corn especially

 I took a picture of the side of the pot to try and demonstrate the 'trifle effect' as it has lots of different layers, but by the time I had mixed it all up the layers were a little ruined and didn't look so pretty

And what lunch is complete without dessert?

Crunchie ice cream because Summer is too short to skip out on bowls of ice cream!

And here I am showing off my aysymetric bikini top that I just love! I look like I have taken a holiday all the way to my back garden!
I am such a globe trotter...


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