Minty-Melt-at-the-knees Makeup Day!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

This was me today!

Using my delights from Madison street Beauty a vegan makeup brand from

I use the same colours as in my mermaid makeup tutorial which you can read here except I maximised the amount of shade Mermaid used to give a more 'blue hue' rather than green and used less of the Sea Foam which is more of a greenish colour.

I made the lips a whole lot paler than I usually do to fit with the whole 'pastel' I was going for. I used Lovelorn lipstick from MAC and dabbed on with my finger over my lips a white eyeshadow, if you do it super lightly and then press your lips together it looks like a new and updated lipstick shade!

On my legs are minty jeans from H&M and top is years old something like four maybe even five years old from a Next outlet store!

Me likey when fashion comes back around and you still have your clothing from the first rotation of it!


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