Wedding dresses, fancy hotels and a Hello Kitty ball!

Monday, 9 July 2012

You best bet the Hello Kitty part belongs to me whereas the dress and hotel... well they're my sisters!
Today was a very special day because it was the day that we went wedding dress shopping (I say we, I mean she- I sat and ate the complimentary chocolates and helped pick out dresses)

When I saw her in the very first dress (even though it wasn't our favourite in the end) I just gasped! My sister in a wedding dress! I wish I could have taken pictures of that part to show you, but they won't let you in the shops incase you send the picture to China to make a copy or something, oh it was so sad! But don't worry the one that we do end up getting, I'll take so many photographs the fabric will probably get faded from too much of my camera flashing away- haha!

Another fun little part, which I did get to take pictures of was the gifties my sister had got me since I saw her last- my sister showers me with gifts almost every time I see her, it's like a mini birthday! Sometimes she'll bring me her old cosmos and other times it's more fancy stuff like chocolates, clothes and soft toys, and sometimes it's nothing but her funny loud voice and stories from her job.
This time, she'd been to London for the long weekend due to the diamond Jubilee and stayed at The Savoy- very fancy pants. She brought me back chocolates that she saw being made in front of her! I intended to show the actual chocoaltes, but they went somewhere before I got a chance...
One had the print of the union jack on and they all tasted amazing!
I also got some super duper cute pink and cream stiped shorts from New Look- I love candy stripes!
And the cutest of all is the Hello Kitty ball! It looks like Hello Kitty was cros bred with a blow fish, it's so adoable I want to squeeze it! But I instead just cuddle the cuteness out of it!

Happy white dresses and kitty ball Mondays!


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