How to make yourself feel better on a sick day

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I'm still sick, so I woke up feeling super groggy so made myself a blueberry smoothie containing just blueberries and water. To drench out the blemishes and general redness on my face I had to bleach out the photo like this:

My jumper! In case you were wondering is from Forever21 and it was in the sale so It's probably not available in every branch

I ended up feeling much better because although I had to do some food shopping, my cupboards really were empty and dragging myself out of bed I was delighted to come across a sale at Gap which led to two striped garments coming home with me

I love me some mint green stripes! Especially long sleeved tops because I've given up all hope on being able to wear short sleeves in England ever again! These were £5.99 each!

Then.. I found a pretty blouse in forever 21. I love how it has the interesting criss cross pattern across sort of just below the collarbone, it just hits in a classy and feminine place and while I may not get to wear it in this country I have high hopes that I can wear it overseas!

So I felt a bit better, then I got home and I think I had overdone it because now I just feel quite dreadful and slightly worse than this morning I think- never mind, it was probably worth it to come home with these beauties!


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