Sleepover club!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Tonight I have my best friend from home staying over which is so super fun!

Maybe one day we can do a video together someday , because I know you'll find her so fun too!

I didn't want to bombard her with taking pictures and I was not looking particularly fine myself since I had been at work all day, so instead I will give you some super fun facts!

The first one being that the voice of Minnie and Mickey mouse are married in real life!

If you shout "Andy's coming!" in front of the Toy Story characters at Disney World they will stop what they are doing and drop to the floor

If you send a wedding invite to the president, he sends you a card of congratulations in return

The best feeling voted by the public of the UK was 'The feeling when you first wake up but don't have to get out of bed yet'

The source for most of these facts is ...
It's a great place to waste away hours! Forget I told you that..

Video coming your way tomorrow!


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