Neutrogena Wave: First impressions and Review

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Neutrogena Wave was something of a unique product on the shelves of Boots etc, it looked like it did the job of a Clarisonic but for a much more affordable price. It must have been a year or two since this first came to the UK but I'm inclined to say that it cost around £12. Currently at Boots it's £9.99.
I was super lucky to stumble across this at Home Bargains about a month ago for £2 or £3. I almost choked on my own tongue at the price as it was something I had my eye on for a while, but couldn't justify the price if it was going to be another gimmick.
Today I opened and tried the Neutrogena Wave, here are my thoughts:

The cleanser itself fits raelly nicely into the hand, it has curved edges and holds well whether you are left or right handed, in regards to the placement of the power button.

Inside you get the cleaner itself, a battery which I thought was a nice touch and about 20 pads for the cleanser in a sealed plastic bag.
It's super simple to insert the battery into the holder, this takes 1 AA battery and only requires unclipping the side, no annoying or fiddly screws which is great since it's waterproof.

I was at first confused at how to apply the pad but it is as simple as placing it on and the head of the cleanser essentially 'grabs' onto the pad and is easily pulled off.

I had no idea what to do with the remaining pads, although the pads need water to be properly activated and foam, I feel certain the quality of cleanser built into the pad will deplete a little if exposed to air for long periods of time, so In a feeble attempt to preserve them I just used a lot of cling film which I'm sure will get messy after a while, so this is just a short term solution.

The cleansing itself:
I used this in the shower but stuck my head out so that I could accurately judge the amount of product in each pad. I ran it under water for about five seconds while holding the power button on but not a lot of foaming seemed to happen, never mind, I began on my face. While the buzzing is a nice sensation on the skin, it's not super strong, nor do I feel like my skin is getting exfoliated, but it does feel better than a regular flannel. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong as I've done two circuits of my face and still there's no foam, then suddenly the foam gates open and there is a whole lot of product, more than I know what to do with. I do another probably five rounds of my face to use up as much product as possible which was a lot better than there being hardly any product. The cleanser has a distinct 'tingle' feel to it which is rather pleasant and does feel like your face is being super cleansed but I imagine this makes it too strong as a product to use daily for people with sensitive skin. My skin is super oily, and I love the way this made my skin feel both during and after. After I'd finished using the cleanser (and with a numb thumb... the button should be 1 push to switch on, 1 push to switch off system rather than having to hold it in for a minute or two) I rinsed my face with warm water and a flannel and patted dry.
I must say, my skin does feel extremely smooth! I'm very happy with the result for the price I paid. I'm not yet sure if this is a product that would be better for my skin as a daily, every other day, or weekly treatment as once I'd finished my skin was crying out for moisturiser which doesn't often happen.
It's too soon to tell if this has changed my skin, but I will enjoy using this until I find out.


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