Sometimes you just need a midnight milkshake

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

By some incredible stroke of luck, this ordinary day became extraordinary just before the stroke of midnight. So I'd had dinner and the classic question is asked in our flat 'Who want's to order takeaway?' I'm often good (so good, that I end up just eating everyone's leftovers...) aaaaaaaaaaanyway, so I answered with a firm 'no' feeling quite proud of myself until... I discovered that the takeaway was going to be from a late night dessert parlour!!!!
I love dessert!!!
So I ended up getting a Crunchie chocolate bar flavoured cookie and a banana split with vanilla ice cream.
But our total order was:
1 x banana split
1 x strawberry ice cream with cookie dough
2 x Crunchie chocolate bar milkshake
1 x Aero milkshake
1 x Oreo Milkshake
2 x Pepperoni Pizza (one without cheese... don't ask)

I couldn't actually eat the banana split there and then because the milkshake was super filling and delicious. Here's a little snapshot! It had sprinkles!

Then we cosied up and watched The Proposal, I love that film! I don't like the ending so much but when they're in the country house and prepping for the wedding, ah I just love that bit, it makes me want to go to Alaska!


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