Lets go to the movies: Iron Man 3

Friday, 26 April 2013

Today I saw the New Iron Man 3 at the cinema and I have to say, I was not very excited. I was being dragged along by others who on the other hand sempt very very excited. I didn't think much of the Avengers and films with fire and bombs and helicopters and guns do have the tendency to make my eyelids feel droopy. I wasn't charmed by Tony Starks personality in the Avengers and I wasn't expecting to be charmed now.

Well, I was proved wrong, slightly.
Knowing basically nothing about anything to do with superheroes or Iron Man it was still incredibly easy to follow along the story and it was actually pretty good. My all time favorite bit is his to-die-for house, it looks like a UFO from 2050 landed on a cliff side, it's really truly beautiful but

*SPOILER* Watching it get smashed to dust was hard *SPOILER END*

Tony Stark is actually quite charming, he made me laugh although I'm not keen on his mustache.
Then the story takes an odd turn with a terrorist threat that actually sort of scared me at the time, but it all turned out quite comedic in the end.
Alongside the terrorist story there's a whole dangerous botanist self-healing part too, which is quite interesting.
The funniest part is the relationship between Tony Stark and Harley who is a young boy that to be quite frank, looks adorable. They together make for smashing some film cliches, humorously of course. Unfortunately the film still has some cliche moments of it's own, my #1 worst line being said by Tony "She's already perfect" - Maybe I'm mean but that immediately takes him down a peg or two in his 'charismatic cool' character.
All in all : expect a lot of goodies who turn out to be baddies, and baddies who turn out to be harmless. Ultimately, I enjoyed this and I had already decided that I wouldn't before I had sat in my seat and I would watch it again.


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