Why do I feel like a princess today?

Monday, 1 April 2013

Today in the post, the most wonderful package has arrived!
It's from schuh..
It came in a box that was made to look like a super cute dolly house, but I forgot to take a picture- maybe other shoes by Red or Dead have the same box, so you'll know what I mean if you own them!
So it was a pair of shoes but not just any pair, they are the pair that I will be wearing to my sisters wedding!
So, they are my bridesmaid's shoes!
I took a picture of them on my feet, but the picture was not taken on my phone so the quality was pretty horrific and made them look god - they're silver. My feet also look kind of big, which they are but the picture enhanced them because of the angle of the photo!

The next time you see them they will be on my feet for the big dayyy!!
I'm still not sure if this is the right photograph even though it does claim this is the silver version, they look like they have a gold hue to me. The ones I have are for sure silver.
I love them because the heel is going to be super comfortable all day, and because I get to wear a Size 7 in these instead of a size 8, for some reason my feet come up smaller in these shoes!
They won't get seen that much because my dress is to the floor- but maybe I can walk around holding my hem up a little way ...


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