When all else fails - How to wash your makeup brushes

Monday, 15 April 2013

I'm still not in the mood to cake any thick foundations or dusty powders onto my face, inface the thought of it just makes me feel even more blocked up! It would all get wiped off in an instant anyway since I seem to have the sweats and a constant need to blow my nose. Instead I decided to wash my makeup brushes. They needed it plus they undoubtedly would have had some pre-cold germs lurking in them, and it would be their first wash since I took them travelling, so a bath for them was infact a matter of urgence!
I don't know if my brush washing method is the most effective - it certainly isn't the best for saving water, so if you have a better method that uses less water let me know!
All I use is a running warm tap and baby shampoo. I do not even use the Johnsons baby shampoo I just use the supermarkets own brand because after all they are brushes, they're not going to know the difference!

I get a cup that would usually hold some of my brushes, and pour a generous blob of this into the bottom of the cup.
I then  take a brush, wet it under the running tap and dip it into the cup of shampoo coating the hairs.
I pull the brush out of the cup and then proceed to swirl the brush in the palm of my hand to make a nice foam.
I rinse it under the running tap, squeezing the bristles between my thumb and forefinger to wring out the water and continue this over and over until the water squeezed out of the brush runs clear.
Washing my brushes takes a long long time, I think there must be a more water economical and time saving approach but I just don't know about it!
The result is worth it though, lovely clean fresh brushes!

I'm resting them on a towel with a part elevated higher and lean the handle on that part so that the water trapped in the ferrule runs out to the bristles and evaporates rather than sitting in the brush rotting the glue and loosening the hairs.

Who loves my old beach towel with cats on it!?


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