Summer Stripes! - New Look & TK Maxx (Criminal Damage)

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I am in the process of last-minute holiday shopping, and I came across some pretty little striped things to complete my holiday, and summer wardrobe!

First and best is this super cute tee from TK Maxx, but It's originally from Criminal Damage who do have the off cute thing that I like, sometimes their stuff is slightly too dark for me, but this is an exception. It's blue stripes have little doodles on them to look like waves and the starry sky, with blue sketches on the white stripes showing images of boats and tropical islands, but what really sold it to me was the rope detailing around the neck!
I adore that cute little feature, it's like a sailor bow, or knot and makes it a bit more special.
 TK Maxx only had two of these left and they were both in size XL, but this honestly fits me just fine. I wonder if that's why it was in TK Maxx because the sizing is off. I thought if it's a XL I'll just wear it as a dress but it fits very nicely as a tshirt. I know Criminal damage comes up small but I didn't think that small!!

Then next, my computer has done that fun(!) thing where it rotates a picture and I can't rotate it back, but this is a red and white striped vest from the kids section at New Look. This is in the size age 13 and fits really nicely, it doesn't cut under the arm pits, nor is it restricting along the back but it is a little short on the torso. I kind of like that look for summer. It's certainly not a crop top (I do not like that look)

Next I got something mostly for it's humorous factor but partly because of how smug I'd feel if it actually worked. My current highlighter is all but used up and I contemplated getting the Benefit High Beam instead but held off as it's a liquid consistency and I think I'd prefer a powder.

My first impressions are that the shimmer in it is a little too chunky, I prefer highlighters to just have a glimmer to them, rather than being able to distinguish specific bits of glitter.

Who knows, if I love it, I may have found the most perfect dupe!


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