The middle of the week

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

If I've had a busy week and I'm working every day, I get tired and some days I snooze my alarm twice, or three times.
Monday I never do and I'm always awake when I need to be and make sure I have enough time to properly construct an outfit, my hair gets a fair amount of attention (It's always the first thing to neglect if I'm running late) and then I have enough time to properly apply my makeup- especially the base- and do a cute eye look aswell.
But by Wednesday, often this initial enthusiasm to jump out of bed dwindles a little. Today it dwindled a lot and I just threw my hair up in a ponytail, washed and moisturised my face and threw on a grey wool skirt and a open knit navy jumper

I don't know why my navy jumper looks bulgy, I suppose it's kind of baggy but sinches at the waist, I guess I just photographed at an unflattering angle....anyway...

So today is going by at a normal pace and a colleague who I  recognise from coming to my desk before to say 'hello' and to introduce ourselves to each other (I'm only a temp so I don't have time to get to grips with everyone's names and faces and departments) well, he walks into our office. He speaks to someone else before coming over to myself and asking 'where is the girl who was at this desk earlier this week?' I looked up in confusion and said 'me' and a genuine expression of confusion clouded his face before he said 'You don't look anything like her' I just looked back at my work and carried on - feeling a bit disheartened and unsure what to say back, and he left.

From reading this you may interpret the colleagues 'where' being some kind of metaphorical comment which happens for example if you suddenly turn grumpy your mum might say 'where is the cheerful girl who was here five minutes ago?'
But it wasn't like that, he just genuinely thought I was someone different.

It makes me feel insulted in a way because although I clearly looked a bit 'thrown together' and maybe not so neat or prim as I had before, the interaction towards me was distinctly different in tone and to be completely honest, slightly rude.

So while I felt like I had huge spots and hairy warts that had suddenly sprung up all over my face- I decided that I would probably never come across that person again, so what they had said may not have intended to be rude and in a subtle way I suppose it's credit to the way I apply my makeup in the morning. Wearing makeup does make me feel more chipper and clean but absolutely nothing beats the feeling of wiping it all off, and I still think that those extra ten minutes in bed are worth their weight in gold over a face weighted with makeup.

On a completely different note I saw this car today and I've never seen a car in this colour but all I could think of was that it is exactly how Jake from Adventure Time would look if he turned into a car!


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