Feeling fun & a day of sun!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The sun was out today yippeee, although I still wore a jumper out, and then had to borrow my friends jacket because I got chilly. It was a taupe brown double breast jacket and the material felt sort of woolen, it was lovely and went with what I was wearing, I would never think to buy that colour jacket and it was from ebay for under £10!
 The rest of my outfit wasn't particularly exciting or new as I wore my standard H&M mickey mouse jumper which I'm sure you would have seen before- I like the textured sleeves!
And my inky blue jeans which were in the sale at Select.
I did wear my Ted Baker glittery bow pumps but then my feet got chilly so half way through the day I changed into socks and boots.

But- it was the perfect opportunity to pair these primary colors with my favorite and very special bag that I can only use on sunny days:

A rubix cube bag! It's actually 3d aswell, I just love it it's so fun even though it's unsolved which is kind of sad!


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