Whatcha Grazin'?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

What's inside my Graze box this week?
Well last weeks graze box went astray and ended up just not showing at all, which was sad and annoying but after a few stern emails they eventually gave me a full refund of my box. I then got my next box half price, but have since cancelled my Graze box orders again as it's just too much of a hassle right now as the postal system at my university is a little unreliable and can get confused what with there being so many buildings, so many floors per building and so many flats and rooms per floor...
Anywho, onto the box:

As soon as I got it (it arrived in my postbox at 8pm this night...)
I opened the olives which were a complete knock out and utterly delicious, but I knew I would like them. They're in a delicious oil and just really morish.
As a mid morning snack the following day I had the salt and vinegar nut selection which was also really really tasty. They could probably get away with using a little less salt and a little more vinegar though, just thinking for the health benefit side of things.
After lunch I ate the Boston baguettes with a dip that tasted kind of smokey, as though it had onions, a bit of tomato in it too. It was really good, but my problem with it, is that it really didn't taste that healthy at all, maybe almost too delicious for it's own good. Here lies the same problem that led me to cancel the last time, are these Graze boxes really that healthy after all?
Finally, coincidentally after dinner I ate the after dinner mint which had mint flavoured raisins in it which were interesting, it wasn't an overwhelming taste just as though they had a delicate hint of mint to the raisins but they still tasted much more 'raisin-y' than minty which is a good thing. The dark chocolate buttons included are also really good and creamy, and I usually find dark chocolate too bitter. It contained plain nuts too which made it a little more nutritional!

The box overall was great, I liked everything in it but my problems are the same as they always were:
I eat everything too fast, if this is meant to last me a week or even a few days, it's just never going to happen!
I don't think it's all that healthy, maybe it is if I was someone who snacks on crisps and chocolates but when I snack normally it will be on things like Olives, bananas and peanut butter, raw carrots and dip, oranges and maybe some chocolate here and there.
I think this encourages me to snack more than I normally would, the plastic containers are so little that I don't even need to be hungry to finish them, I'm just eating them because they are new, interesting and are there in front of me!

That's my graze wrap up, perhaps they'll encourage me to get another Graze box delivered with another tempting deal or discount code!


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