Acne: What doesn't work

Thursday, 4 April 2013

There are so (so so so so so) many products available to treat acne and most of them are not cheap so it's good to do your research beforehand on what you think would be best to suit your specific needs.

While I have not yet found my cure (and I've been looking for five years or more) I'll focus on letting you guys know what hasn't worked for me yet, since nothing has worked in the way the reviews promise. This is not a full and complete list, but since I've been home I've come across lots of empty jars and almost empty containers of products that I gave up on or that gave up on me!
So, the breakout breakdown:
1. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink grapefruit face wash
2. Cupcake face mask by Lush
3. Oxy Facial scrub
4. Oxy moisturiser
5.Witch oil-control foaming face wash
6. Boots own brand foaming facial wash
7. Bio-Oil (I was told to compensate for a lack of oil that I may be stripping from my skin)
8. Nelsons Pure and Clear anti-blemish balancing moisturiser (designed for oily skin)
9.HRI Clear Complexion tablets
10. Weleda homeopathy sulphur tablets
11. Yasmin contraceptive pill (along with some other brands but I can't remember the names)
12.Aknemin (Minocycline) - This worked for about 6 months quite well but then it stopped working, once I came off it I had headaches and all sorts- I had been on it for maybe a year)

That's probably around half of what I have used, I do sometimes feel at the end of my tether, I've gone down the highly medicinal and the herbal route, I have to say that the medicinal route is the only one that has provided any results, no matter how small.

Feel free to leave any questions about specific products in that list, if I went into detail on them all this post would send you to sleep!


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