Raw Vegan Red Pepper Soup recipe

Monday, 29 April 2013

Is this just a fad?
I'm trying a raw vegan diet for 7 days only. I love bacon, I love bread and I love nutella too much for this to be a lifestyle change. I'm told this could help clear up my skin, or if not it could at least make me feel better, more energy etc etc
A week may not be enough for it to kick in, or I may end up extending it if I really enjoy it, but I doubt it!
Here was my dinner tonight, it was really delicious and soo much easier than actual cooking - certainly a perk of going 'raw' the food gets to your plate within 5 minutes.
This is the red pepper soup recipe that is 100% from www.therawtarian.com
Head over to there for the full recipe, but this is how it went down for me...

I took a 1/3 cup of plain cashew nuts and soaked them in water for an hour so that my little smoothie blender would blend it up easier.

Then I took a red pepper and washed it, then I cut up 3/4 of it roughly, and 1/4 of it finely.

I threw the 3/4 roughly cut into the blender, along with all the drained cashew nuts and 1/2 mug water.

I added a pinch of dried mixed herbs just to give it a little kick (not in the original recipe)

I blended it up for about 2 minutes, until it's almost completely smooth, there shouldn't be any little grittiness of nuts

 I scattered the 1/4 of finely chopped peppers in the bowl of soup, this recipe makes enough for one person.

It tastes really good, I can't believe how creamy it is, all because of the nuts. Also, the red pepper makes it really naturally sweet too. But I do recommend adding the herbs for an extra something.

Then for dessert, it just so happened that the supermarket were selling 300g grams of raspberries for £1 because they went out of date today, so I snapped those up and ate the whole bowl! Raspberries are my favourite!


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