New Video: My thoughts on John Freida, Victoria Secret, Herbal Essences and Neutrogena products!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

So basically, an empties video! I've used up all of these products and I'm sharing with you a little insight into what I thought of them. If you just can't stand the sound of my voice right now I'll give you a written summary of my thoughts that is super brief:
John Freida Sheer Blonde Shampoo - Lightened my hair for eight hours but some people have said causes breakouts around hairline, it hasn't to me but anything with that potential I will steer clear of anyway.
Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Conditioner - It's a fresh conditioner that didn't grease up my hair but I only used a very small amount on the ends, fruity and pleasant fragrance but doesn't knock my socks off as a product.
Avon Cream to Powder Foundation - A cult favorite product, and the first foundation I ever bought and still love.
Tesco Everyday Value Mouthwash - Would be more useful to gargle peppermint tea..
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Face Wipes - Saturated wipe but left an oily residue on my skin that felt uncomfortable because my skin is so oily anyway would recommend only for dry skin types.
Clear Complexion Tablets - Undecided if they make a difference, I've finished my second bottle now (200 tablets) and I'm not blown away by flawless skin.
Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Red Plum and Freesia Shower gel - beautiful scent, super duper sweet and the scent lingers too. The Gel doesn't lather too much, doesn't give me that squeaky clean feel.
Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Red Plum and Freesia Body Scrub - The most wonderful body scrub I've ever used, thick with exfoliates but they dissolve like sugar and don't leave a mess in your shower, same incredible scent.
Or you can watch for yourself!


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