I think I stopped biting

Sunday, 21 April 2013

This is not a walking dead reference, although I am experiencing intense The Walking Dead withdrawal symptoms, but I'm thinking on filling that void with Vampire Diaries- I've heard good things about it!
I've stopped biting my nails I think. It has only been two weeks but it has been a ferocious habit for fifteen years! That makes me feel really old...
When I got my cold last week the last thing I feel like doing is biting my nails, so my nails always grow a little every time I get sick. But this time I just kind of stopped I had a little nail polish technique that I'll proabably do a video on if this turns out to be successful... I'm really excited because nail polish has never interested me since It just looks sort of silly on my childish nails, but now I might actually to do cute nail polish designs and glitter nail polish always looked so fun!

I've give you a little glimpse of a before and now, and if this turns out to really be 'it' then I have a hundred more pictures to show


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