Hello Kitty in France and Dior Lipstick that I Must Have

Monday, 8 April 2013

Today I got the beautiful Dior Lipstick 'Must Have' shade 579 - The colour itself reminds me of cocktails, but before we even get to the colour I need to take a moment to treasure the packaging.
It looks so extravagant and I feel like I'm holding something precious- it's just a delight to look at!

 The colour itself is a mid pink, but less dusky than a rose colour and perhaps more artificial in shade rather than natural- not that I'm complaining. The formula itself is wonderfully buttery and rich which makes it very easy to work with since the application is forgiving and you can just swipe Diors lipstick on anywhere without having to think too much about the intricacies of application.

The pinky colour has a shimmer to it, without being chunky glitter to make your lips look 'wet' I mean that in the most complimentary way- it makes your lips look like sweeties, kind of delicious rather than being a matte colour.

My sister bought me back this lipstick as a souvenir from her easter holiday to France along with:

Sweetie pie Hello Kitty plush! Isn't she a dream?? She's holding a silky lollipop and I just love her dotted dress, the pastel chunks look kind of like chunks of sweeties or something similar!
She will be as treasured as my many other plush dolls that my sister and other contributors have kindly gifted to me and I hope she is happy to live among her fellow sister kitties!


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