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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I don't get to do it tha often, since I only have a bath tub at home.
But having a bath is the absolute best thing to make me just feel better about everything!
This was how my bath set-up looked today

 I had a box of chocolates that I got for Easter, but I only ended up liking two flavours- the raspberry ripple and the praline ones!
And this book which I've been reading all over Easter- I'm about 2/3 of the way through and it's seriously amazing. It's not an uplifting read but it was so good that I stayed reading til the bath water went cold!

These were the products that I used today- I forgot to include my Lush Magic wand that I swished around the bath tub though.
On the far left is some toner, although It's a foregin brand and I have no recollection of buying it
Then the rest of my Snow Fairy, left over from December!
The face wash that I have been using for a couple weeks now- it's meant to be for skin just like mine - basically out of control- I'll ptobably talk about it in a video if I think it's worth talking about.
Then I have the VO5 gloss me smoothly conditioner which does work at eliminating frizz but I still have to wash my hair every day.
Then Aussie Colour Mate shampoo which I've not been using for long enough to notice a difference to the colour of my hair but it smeeeellls goooood.

Now I'm wathcing some terrible episodes of Super Sweet 16 before I sleep - I know it's only half eight but I'm tired!


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