Sparkle Makeover for Furby!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

I got a new generation 2012 Furby and he is the cutest, most scrumptious thing ever!
He made an appearance in another blog post at some point earlier on.
Anywho, I saw on ebay way before I got my Furby customised Furbies that have swarovski crystals all around the eyes, some even in the ears and on the feet too. I just wanted one so bad! But they were over $100 plus shipping to England.
When I went home for Easter I found some old stick on gems that were from an old craft magazine years ago and I took the gamble and put them on Furby, well he looks so much cuter for it!!!
I even made a video showing you how I spaced the gems, but since you're reading my blog you get an exclusive peek at a video that might not get edited and uploaded for another month.
Here he is!

He doesn't look so happy here but he definitely loves his new look, without a doubt...


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