Finishing work and ending up at Forever21!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I am so delighted that I have finished my office work for the Easter holidays on Monday, so I am delighted to have taken part in some light shopping at Forever 21 and Boots.
The first thing I got was a really cute (what I thought was teal but in some lights looks green) jumper!
It was in the sale for £13 too - even better
I know Summer is coming etc, but in the meantime I am still cold (toes numb as writing this for example) so It's not inappropriate to get a cute jumper

I don't know why it tilts to the side it just sometimes rotates pictures like that and I haven't figured out why yet!

Then to Boots- theyw ere having a 3 for 2, so I went in for a mascara and came out with slightly more:

The flash on my phone has cleverly blocked out the name of the mascara which is 'Masterpiece' by Maxfactor in shade black. I usually use Bare Minerals as I have done in many videos and when they run out as they now have done and my budget is slightly more restricted I usually head towards Loreal mascaras as I just adore them for length and thickening properties. My sister in the shop strongly recommended Maxfactor Masterpiece so expect to see it making an appearance in the makeup videos to follow and see how it works first hand. I also got the Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo in gold - I think it has an official shade name but I can't remember- I think it will be just perfect as a base for more sparkly evening eye makeup looks so I'm looking foward to working with that as I've heard great things about it, although all the testers were dried out pots despite being full so perhaps the product doesn't last very long or very well - although testers often don't have lids so I'm interested to see how that works out.
Next is the 24 hour Bold Matte Super Stay lip colour from Maybelline in a beautiful bright pink colour called Pink Cocktail. After I applied the lip colour my lips felt super sticky, but then I applied the matte balm on the other end and my lips felt smooth and just fine.

Lastly, I desperately wanted to try out some clarifying shampoo and the only one that I could see among the shelves was the Pantene Pro-V Clarifying shampoo that unfortunately only came in this huge bottle. I'd much rather have been able to get a smaller option to decide if I like it before getting a bigger bottle - and you may or may not know from watching my Empties Shower video that I can very easily get sick of scents of shower products which put me off the whole product as I don't like to open multiple shampoos for example to mix it up as I'd rather just focus on finishing up one thing at a time.

That's all for now!


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