22nd of Spetember treating me kindly!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

On the 22nd of September last year (before I'd even begun my blog) I passed my driving test, I've been fully licensed for a year woo!

This time last year I didn't know...

Where I was studying

Who I'd be studying with

What I'd be studying

Where I'd be living

and now today, on this very same day the following year is my official 'moving in' day

Nothing could describe the anticipation and excitement bubbling in my belly but the feeling of being a 'child' having to be left in my old bedroom as I move onto the first stage of being an 'adult'. At that point I still didn't feel like a 'proper' adult as I'm moving into what feels like boarding school for grown ups, a land between childhood and adulthood, where the university still watches over you, and you live in a kind of gated community but you have the first taste of no parental rules, full responsibilty for every last chore and no one giving you consequences or punishments for not handing in work on time

This is the view from my room out my window! I'm several stories high, and the UFO shaped thing in the clouds is only a reflection on the window of my ceiling light!


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