Hold on hoarder!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

About a month ago my favourite keychain ever broke, it had a red base that contained candies (long gone now of course) then the clear part in the top held a teeny little hello kitty. I loved that the keychain itself was giant, I think it wasn't actually meant to be a keychain, but it was chunky which made it super easy to find in my bag, I hardly ever had to really 'look' for my keys as the plastic keychain usually found me first! The next greatest part is the little pink hook that connects the keyring to the keys, its super duper easy so no more breaking and hurting your nails to try and slide on the keychain.

I was babysitting and the baby I was sitting took an extra special liking to my keyring, before I knew it the keyring had been crushed by little hands trying to pry out the (once stuck down) hello kitty in the clear part. That was it, plastic and broken beyond repair but I kept hanging on to it, and using it, and everytime I looked at it I'd remmeber it had broken and feel a bit sad that I don't know where it came from to get another. But that's the thing with people, we like to hold onto broken things in the hope that they will fix themselves, this doesn't do us much good at all really.

So I introduce to you, the new beginning of my keys, they're fun, chunky and much more 'crushing' proof, also a little pen is hidden inside kitty herself, so now I always have a pen on the go!

Out with the old, and in the new!


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