What do you mean REwind?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I was babysitting tonight when I noticed under their television was a whole stack of childrens videos or VHS and it dawned on me that I hadn't seen a physical video in a long long time even though all my favourite flms from my childhood were on video, I distinctly remember liking Matilda and The Wizard of Oz the most, but particularly Matilda- I still know what the credits screen looks like, and as soon as I'd see that pop up I'd rewind the video and watch it from the start all over again!

I did not even mean for this picture to go all old fashioend and grainy looking, I think it's the low light in the room giving it that effect, although it is wonderfully fitting given the topic!

That's when I remembered that you had to physically press a rewind function on video players and the annoyance it would be to want to watch a video only to see that it hadn't been rewound, that dilemma-o is a thing of the past now, just clickity click and the DVD will play from any point you want, so in the future (maybe another ten years) say someone has just dropped into a convesation and missed the first part of the story and says "wait..! Rewind that.." (meaning hold on... go back to the start of that story) maybe children and teenagers will have no idea why on earth we say 'rewind' or when we ever used a 'winding' function in every day life!

It's realisations like this which make me feel like a little old lady!


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