Goodbye Room!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Here's a last little glimpse at my room! I'm sure it's a picture I'll refer to if I'm feeling home sick

Clothes packed: check

Makeup packed: check

Oodles of fancy dress costumes for the first week of parties: Check

All my squishy soft toy friends packed: ...pending

They can be waiting as my arrival when I come home...

I shall miss my room and all it's lovely little nooks and crannys, storage space, wardrobes and my precious geisha picture on the wall

The place that looks the most deserted is my desk! It usually has my mirror, layers of makeup, moisturisers, notebooks, perfume and all my makeup brushes and now...

It's empty! Except for my Hello Kitty protect mat, for when I do makeup or crafts on my desk, and a backup bottle of BareMineras 'Skin rev-er upper' as I already have two bottles packed up which will last me for months!

I still have no idea what waits for me in my new room, I have arough jist of the size and I know I have my own bathroom, but that's about it for now! Well at least I know I'll be able to wash and sleep under shelter haha... hoepfully there's a window, flooring and doors too!


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