I won a medal!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I had the most productive of days in Birmingham, as I visited the Sea Life centre, I've visited the one in Brighton, and the one in London too but they were a while ago, I can't really even remember them!
We had a lovely time, our time slot was 3pm but we could stay there as long as we wanted, and see the exhibition again and again if we wanted but once was good enough for us! All in all it took us about 2 hours to get around and afterwards I felt thoroughly chilled out and relaxed. Throughout you scratch off the answers to a little quiz and if you get all 9 answers right, you get a medal! You best believe we won a medal!

Forget Olympic medals... Being a SeaLife factfinder is where it is at!

I had this idea that I think all aquariums should do, or maybe they already do- but it would be an Adults 'chill out' evening, and the aquarium would be open late maybe like 8pm-midnight and all the lighting would be dim, and there would be chill out instrumental music playing the whole time, and you'd just watch the theraputic-ness of the swimming fish and leave feeling like you just had all your troubles wash away. I think that would really work, and maybe especially beneficial to people that maybe have trouble sleeping because I think you'd sleep like a baby after that dreamy experience!

Anywho, onto the actual day and exhibitons..!

There were oodles of beautiful fish and nowhere was too crowded even though it was a weekend so you could get up close and personal with every single exhibition and maybe have better luck with your pictures than I did!...

One of the things that made it so much more fun than just fishes in tanks was the effort put into the whole decor of the place, you really felt like you were underwater even as you were walking around because of seaweed and beautiful wall art as you walked around, this extended into the tanks that made it feel like you were looking at the fishies in their natural habitat (although perhaps it doesn't feel that way to them..)

The seahorses were really fun to look at as they moved a lot as a whole, although their was this one funny exception that appeared to be clinging onto a plant in the tank for dear life and it really made me laugh! I wondered if maybe he was sleeping? Relaxing? or just poking around in the gravel for dinner..

I took a special liking to this starfish as it reminded me of Peach from Finding Nemo!

 I thought this just looked so squishy, and I wanted to touch and squish the yellow stuff (I am speaking sooo technically right now..)

 These little jelly fishes looked like tiny sweeties that would taste of strawberry ice cream! They also looked a whole lot like Dory's pet 'Squishy' from Finding Nemo... man I love that film, it's like the film was based off this very aquarium- haha!

 This mischevious and cute looking turtle awaited us after watching a turtle film in 4D its like 3D only scarier because they shoot water at you, blow wind in your face, shake the seats while it feels like everything on the screen is flying towards you, the film was for kiddies but I was super scaredy myself

You finish in the finale part which is the water tunnel, I tried to take a snap of the Hammerhead Shark but he did not want to be snapped! Oh well I tried... the mermaid statue however stayed perfectly still for me to take a pretty picture!

And finally, one of my favourite little fishy was this one, I didn't catch the name of it but it had the colour of a rainbow on it and I thought that was so pretty and so magical that their colours were natural, it's too bad that we don't have blue and pink hair that just 'naturally' grows from our heads!

I hope this made you feel as calm as it did me! You could magnify the experience by reading this blog post again and listening to Whale music in the background, or 'Sounds of the Sea' haha!


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