The HOTTEST new watch off the block!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sick of your dull, ticking wrist watch that lasts for years at a time?
Does it weight down your wrist with all it's mechanisms and cogs?
Are you looking for a new, disposable friend for your wrist that matched couture gowns and sweatpants all in one?

Then look no further!
I give you the Post-It Note watch!

Ok, so it may not tell the time, or last very long in the rain but I think this is the coolest idea ever! No more ink poisoning when jotting down dentist appointment times or a quick to do list.
I also think these are a great present for the 'one who has everything!'
Hopefully they will come out in different colours like their sister-stickies!
So far I've only found a listing for them for sale on Amazon, but at the moment they are 'out of stock' hoepfully they will be back in time for Christmas!


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