A week since I moved...

Sunday, 30 September 2012

It's been a little over a week since I first moved into my new dorm room, I've not got everything in it's place yet, and some parts still need rearranging, but this is the little overview and before and after of the chaos! The after is pretty blurry, I didn't realise until afterwards- sorry about that!

I still have some parts that I can't decide where they should go, for example the room has no drawers whatsoever, my old bedroom was full of drawers- so I'm finding it hard to get used to not having a designated pyjama drawer and such!

You can't tell from this angle but there is a door leading the bathroom right behind, the bathroom is very tiny and when you have a shower the water gets over everything which can be pretty annoying to wait to dry.
I did purchase some really cute Flash 'vintage edition bottle' style bathroom cleaner which I think is really fun, oh the small perks of responsibilities! It cost like £1 from Tesco which was the real reason why I bought it.
So there you have it- a little peek into the goings on in this new place


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