Stripping down

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

As I'm shedding my 'summer skin' I've noticed a whole lot of horrible blocked pores on my nose, I am 'prone' to large pores you could say and I have very oily skin, I invested in a pack of pore strips once but found that despite the theraputic stripped-out-empty 'feeling' that my pores did not look any less full of gunk to the naked eye (or my eye).

The other day while applying my moisturiser I noticed lots more full up pores emerging, blocked pores and spots are the sort of thing where once you notice one, you notice them all and your whole face just feels unclean so once this feeling overcame me, I did a little more research into 'tougher, stronger & stickier pore strips and this is what I came up with- the important part is the 'ultra strength' on the packet as opposed to regular strength and ultra strength these were. Currently they're on sale in Boots- usually £7.99 but now £5.99 (These are not worth £8... just to let you know)

I followed all the instructions and as I peeled it off (slowly, the instructions specified slow) with each pull I could feel my eyes getting tears where the strip had such a tight grip on my skin and now, maybe four hours after I first applied that strip my nose still feels a little raw! Who knows if that did my skin any good, I'm just waiting for a whole new surge of broken capillaries around my nose to erupt, anywho enough of the badness and down to the nitty gritty... don't look on if you're squeamish or feel nauseous at the sight of pore gunk, but if you're weirdly fascinated by it- like me then scroll on down to see just how super sticky these bad guys are!!

Just hope that no one knocks on the door when you are wearing one of these I don't think you could even convince the post man that they are a new fashion!


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