Chocolate Pie Eye Makeup Tutorial

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

This is my first pictoral tutorial using the Naked Palette! Hopefully it'll come across as easy as it really is to do as I go step by step with pictures to illustrate every little part for you!

I couldn't think of a fun name so I just thought of something fun and yummy, initially I thought of Mud Pie but then I realised that no one want's their makeup to be likened to mud!
Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

It's of course browny based because thats the undertone of pretty much all of the colours in the palette!

 I've got a blank eye but have just applied Urban Decay's Primer Potion, first time using the product and genuinely underwhelmed- much prefer MAC Paint pot in shade Painterly for longwear, colour vibrancy, texture, pretty much everything!

 Taking a medium sized shading brush, this brush is by Bare Minerals, apply the colour 'Buck' generously to both eyelids to give a warm base, if you want to make the look appear more 'evening' then build up the brown to be more opaque, but for the daytime you can apply about the same amount as I have here

Then, using a smaller brush with a finer tip, take Smog, or any darker brown with a shimmer to it and 'carve' out the socket of the eye with the colour. By 'carve' I mean to follow the shape of the eyeball and outline it along the crease with Smog, it might look a little sharp but it's nothing a little blending can't sort out!
Blend blend blend! I'm using the MAC 224 brush here, and sweeping it backwards and fowards in the crease.

Then, press a clean finger into 'Toasted' and wait until the finger has warmed the product, and press it on the centre of your eyelid for an additional dimension to the look and to make your eyes go 'pop'!

Using 'Darkhorse' and a small 'stubby' type brush (the one I have here is a double ended brush that came with the Bare Minerals 'Rocker Eye' kit) line the lower lash line 2/3 of the way along, for a more 'night time' look take this colour right along the top lashline with the brush aswell
Afterwards, apply 'Virgin' or another pale-pearly-pink eyeshadow to your brow bone to add a highlight to the eye, here I'm using a small brush but you could use your fingers too

 As an inner corner highlight colour, I used 'Sin' right around where my tear duct is, you could use any champagney-shimmery colour and again you don't have to use a brush, just a dab on the end of your little finger would work fine

Using a brown pencil liner, line your waterline, if you want to amp up the drama do this to your top waterline too!

 Using a brow brush and a matte brown colour, this is 'Folie' by MAC start at the inside of your eyebrow and work your way out the fill in your brows

Apply a few coats of black mascara, the one I use here is Bare Minerals, but you could even wear false lashes

Apply a pretty lipstick, my current favourite is 'Pervette' by MAC, it has a shimmer to it and the colour is kind of iridescent, over the top I layer a lipgloss to give my lips a little more 'oomph!' press your lips together so that the lipstick and gloss are evenly distibuted across your lips!

Voila! Done and dusted and out the door!


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