The last one to get NAKED

Friday, 7 September 2012

Alright so I'm a liiiiiittle (a lot) late on this ol' Bandwagon, infact I'm one whole generation behind since they now have version #2 of this beauty staple. I purchased my first ever Urban Decay Naked Palette today, I spend a hell of a lot of time at beauty counters and cosmetic stores but I'd never came across a phsyical Naked Palette before, even at Urban Decay counters in Boots.. ludacris I know.
Anywho I got mine from Debenhams for £36.00, then I saw online they had £4 off the Naked 1 & 2 palette which I did not get to take advantage of, insert sad face! But maybe you can!
So even if you've seen pictures like this a thousand times before, the velvety lovliness of the palette never gets old, it's like a hot melting caramel pudding for your eyes! Or my eyes at least...

I love that the case is velvety and all luxurious looking... but I imagine it will get dirty quickly, I also love the free primer potion... things I don't love:
The mirror is a little small, I see this was rectified with the Naked 2
also, the brush is a bit..rubbish, I love that it's cruelty free, but it feels a bit synthetic and cheap, so I'd rather it didn't come with the brush and instead they knocked a few £££ off the overall price!

That's the Naked Palette at a glance!


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