Back to bed

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I wonder if I counted up every ill or sickness related blog post I'd ever written how many days it would add up to, I can't stand being ill or flu-like but I seem to get sick a hell of a lot, I don't eat bad food, I like my fruits and veggies, I get plenty of sleep- sometimes too much and I oversleep but some people might say it's bad for you, but your body heals and burns calories when you sleep so really it must be good for you?

The best thing to do when you're feeling ill or with a sore throat is to avoid milky foods because they can make that 'bunged up' feeling even worse, so I prescribe myself (and you if you're reading this feeling rubbish too)
-Lots of orange juice
-Even more water
-A dark room with a comfy bed and open window
-Yummy fruits
-Hours of sleep

Back to bed for me because I need lots of magical healing sleep!



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