My Guilty Pleasures...

Monday, 3 September 2012

We all have those little things that we like even if when we tell everyone else they look at us like we're crazy!
Maybe you like ketchup on a curry, or them croc shoes or wearing mens underwear! Haha, I don't know I'm just plucking stuff out of thin air right now.

I'll share with you some little guilty pleasures of my own- and maybe if you like them too it won't make you feel so strange! Or maybe you'll just think I'm really strange... haha

So here we go:

Luminous pink trainers

Lots of stuffed kitties and bears


Soundtracks from musicals

Soya milk (the smell of cows milk makes me gag now!)

Watching 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'


Old towels with a rough scratchy surface (they feel exfoliating!)

Wearing kids jumpers, vest tops, and tshirts in the biggest size from H&M and GAP kids

Lots of comfy tracksuits

Watching Kenan and Kel old episodes from Nickelodeon!

What are your secret guilty pleasures??!

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