My favourite 'Back to school' tips!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Being back at school might have you bubbling over with excitement, or make you feel a little sick inside, I'm not at school anymore- maybe you're not either but these were my back to school 'go to tips' to make the first day that little more painless!

1. I'd lay out my uniform the day before, including shoes, a packed back, tights and underwear so that when I am extra 'bleary eyed' in the morning I don't have to think about a thing and can just pull on what is in front of me. I still do that sometimes now, as a treat to save me some time in the morning

2. Set a 'feel good' song as your alarm song in the morning!

3. Invest in some pretty stationary that looks all lovely, fresh and crisp for the new year! This for sure includes hello kitty note books

4. Buy the ingrediants before to make sure you have a fabulous lunch for that first day back, I love lunchtime and if I have prepped myself something great then it makes the day a little better and gives me something to look foward to. Even if it's a simpole change like putting what you would normally have in a sandwich in a wrap instead, or if you haven't tried them already the Innocent 'veg pots' are really great as a hot lunchtime treat!

5. Bake cookies, biscuits, cakes or brownies to hand out to your friends back at school, this makes everyones first day a little sweeter!


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