Saturday, 15 September 2012

Making a bow dress is the easiest craft project imaginable!

This is how it goes down:
Take a plain dress (this works with vest tops, jumpers and tshirts too) in a pretty colour

And an assortment of bows, I have seven in lots of nice colours- I love pastel colours, you can make them yourself with leftover ribbon or buy them from ebay or craft shops
Lay the bows out on the dress and put them where you think works, make sure you don’t have two colours together that are too ‘samey’

You can pin the bows down where you like them, or just go straight into sewing them on

Take a length of white thread about 15-20cm and knot one end, then thread the other end through the eye of a sewing needle

Each bow takes out 4 simple hand stitches to secure them, then knot them at the back, and go onto the next bow
Then there you have it, a simple bow dress that takes all of twenty minutes but makes you look as pretty as a wrapped birthday present!


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