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Sunday, 28 July 2013

It is true what they say, and by 'they' I mean the beauty philosophers of ancient Greece... All Makeup Primers/ Bases are not made equal, as I expensively discovered.

My sisters wedding is fast approaching and I've taken my role as Maid Of Honour rather seriously up until this point, and how I look on the day is a rather important factor. Lots of lucky girls can take for granted that they will look lovely but my blotched and pimpled and scarred face makes things... a little more challenging. You can see the full extent of my skin at the start of any makeup video where I often do a quick before and after.

So you can imagine my delight when in Boots I came across the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Adjust Foundation Primer. It was hard to miss it as it is pea green and stands out in its clear tube. I picked up the sample and thought 'well this looks interesting, I wonder if it will clear up my redness' As I already had a face full of makeup on I decided a blob over my noticeable freckle on my right hand would have to do, I'd see how it covered that up.

Truth be told I didn't notice a difference in the freckles colour, it didn't look camouflaged to me, even with a bit of foundation sample over the top. However, the wonderful texture of this product had captured my heart. It was creamy but absorbed into the skin wonderfully, which is no small task with my un-penetrable oily skin. While I nearly fell over backwards at paying £25 for the full sized, i spotted the mini size for a fairly reasonable £12.50 and I decided it was more than worth a shot if it would do the trick.
After cleansing my skin, I applied a generous amount and I have to say I am very let down. While it created a nice base to put my makeup over, a £4 primer would do the same. I bought if for its colour theory properties to cancel out my redness, but this barely even touched the redness. Nor did I notice my makeup lasting particularly longer.
The final push to invest in this product unfortunately came from watching a YouTube video that was in full support of these primers and made a special mention to the wonderfulness of the green primer. I feel let down and slightly robbed.
It is by no means a bad product and the texture is pleasant between my fingers without being greasy but this was probably a product made for the 'so-called' acne which consists of the occasional, single red chin spot - not a face full of one breakout.


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