Friday, 19 July 2013

Alright so it amy not have been the end of the world exactly, but I did ride 'Swarm' which is the most 'end of the world' ride that I have ever been on!
It has overturned ambulances, you fly through smashed billboards and genuinely believe that you will lose a limb or your head on the way through, it is just crazy!
You could also go on the ride backwards but the queue would have been even longer so we rode it fowards!

It's difficult/ impossible to take actual photographs on rides, but I was able to on the more mellow water rides which were a welcome relief in the 30 degrees celcius heat!
Here's a little picture-o-gram:

This was on loggers leap, which is the little log flume, totally cute and you get a little drenched but absolutely nothing compared to Tidal Wave where I thought we had derailed from the ride and that death was imminent because all I could see was water and more water

 Here's a little clip on the Rumba rapids which I always loved because the theme is Ribena! It's super cute, and you're in a giant circle rubber dingy thing, and it's just all kind of scenic and relaxing and you go around a river, and it's the perfect way to settle your stomach after going on Collosus followed by Stealth (google it)

 And finally, as we were leaving the car park, exhausted, aching and sweaty, I was met with this wonderful sight, only The Walking Dead fans will be able to truly appreciate the humour of this, and I thought what a considerate walker they were too, to let us all know with a luminous jacket!

Now I'm feeling quite content that I've caught up with all the new rides at Thorpe park I just want to hop into the shower and wash away the tidal wave water!


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