Eyeliner Mix and Match Mash up

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Finding 'The Perfect Eyeliner' is no small task.
You get a great formulation that sticks, but the brush won't go as thin as you'd like, you get a crumbly formula with a terrible flimsy brush, you get a unpigmented formula with a fab brush.
It's tricky to get everything you want which is why people get pen eyeliners, gel liners, brush liners - it goes on and on!
Here's my little eyeliner tip to trick that I do all the time to get the look that I want, it includes the following three products:

 From left to right
Fast Stroke Eyeliner (pot with brush) Collection 2000
Dipdown Gel Eyeliner (just the pot) MAC
Automatic Eyeliner (pen) W7

I like all of these products but for different reasons, so this is where the mixing and matching comes in

With the Fast Stroke Eyliner, the formula is crumbly but the pen is good although it doesn't go very fine, so when I want the finer eyeliner I remove the brush that comes with the Fast Stroke Eyeliner and use the Automatic eyeliner which has long dried up.

Dipdown is the best formula of the bunch by far, it's a dream to work with but doesn't come with a brush, I do have some eyeliner brushes but none are as good as and give as much control as the Automatic Eyeliner, so the end is dipped in brown from using it in Dipdown

The W7 Automatic Eye Liner, before it dried up, had terrible pigmentation as a product, it needed a lot of layers, the ink was kind of watery it just wasn't good at all, but drying up was a blessing as it's now my universal wonder tool that I not only can use in these eyeliners but in the eyeshadow to apply wet as eyeliner too!

That's my eyeliner 101 and if you're all eyeliner inspired now but don't know where to start, watch this video featuring my Fast Stroke Eyeliner and 6 different eyeliner styles!


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