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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I haven't eaten at Yo Sushi for over a year, but my mama and I decided to eat there again for a fun conveyor belt lunch!
I ate my favourite first of all which was the green beans in salt, you have to suck and pop the pods, eat the beans inside and discard the pod, they're like delicious savoury snacks, better than crisps!
I had a sweet and sour chicken-y thing, some other California rolls, one was rolled in chilli powder so I gave that to my mama that was a little too spicy for me. I also had a bottomless cup of miso soup which I love love love!
I had three refills!

Then for the first time we were tempted by the conveyor belt desserts! We shared a plate of rice balls with a chocolate filling and they were to our surprise not a fondant texture at all, but a real gooey, squishy texture which felt really nice to pinch! They were not too sweet and had a very distinct rice flavor, but were delicious.
 Then we shared some custard filled pancakes with a strawberry sauce that tasted like crushed strawberries. They were even more delicious, but by this point I was feeling rather sick as we had acquired a huge pile of plates!

Then we did a little shopping and this was by far my favorite front page of the newspapers to announce the arrival of the royal baby
 I was treated courtesy of my mother to a 'summer onesie' which are the comfiest summer pjs ever! it was the last one left in the Next sale

 I then got this adorable rose jumper from the Zara sale which was £7.99!

And finally, a mini version of the green toned Smashbox face primer. the sample felt amazing on my skin, and I'm looking for a primer to cancel out the redness of my horrible blemishes, I'm yet to see how good it is! The full priced bottle is £25, which took my breath away a little, so I treated myself to the cuter size for £12


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