New Video: Summer Pink POP! Makeup Tutorial

Monday, 22 July 2013

Todays video is just perfect for Summer when you want to wear natural, mostly light products but a bit bright lip POW to jazz it all up a little and makek it look like you have made a real effort when actually it's taken you all of five minutes

I'm wearing eyeshadow colours all from the Urban Decay Vice palette but all you really need is a matte skin tone colour, a lighter gold and a darker gold colour!
For the lips you can wear any bright colour you want, I show a few swatches in the video, the Maybelline Colour stay in shade Pink or Peach Cocktail, I can't remember it's name and I don't think it says on it, a generic pink from a big makeup kit I got given ages ago, and a Revlon Lip butter because well we all love them!

Be brave and add a little pop to your makeup this summer!


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