Nail polish floods shopping mall!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

 It was my mums birthday yesterday and she got some vouchers so we decided to head to a shopping centre to get some fun bits and pieces for her, but before any of that, we were greeted by this giant acrylic shape in the middle of all the shops. From the ground level it just looks like a futuristic perspex shape, but from above you can clearly see that it's a spilt nail polish bottle oozing with a gooey pink river! It's a Models Own makeup booth, and I initially don't associate them immediately with nail polish as their iconic product, but I guess, perhaps they do!

After all that, we went on the lookout for some fun kitcheny stuff in Lakeland, I just love that shop it has so many cute and innovative products, my mum ended up getting a food processor and some cute ice cream ceramic dishes too, I on the other hand was delighted at this adorable sight.

It's supposed to be the White House made out of white chocolate and using a standard gingerbread cottage mould (the kind you'd use at christmas) I already have the gingerbread cottage mould from last christmas but I never actually used it yet, and I never would have thought to have used it this way, It's of course in honour of the 4th of July and I just thought it was adorable and wanted to share it. If you click the picture to make it larger you can see a little mini Michelle and Barack Obama made out of chocolate!

 Then we went for lunch at Wagamamas which is such a relief as I'd been craving it for weeks. My mum had the Katsu curry but didn't eat all the rice as it is a mini mountain of rice, but it's essentially a chicken curry.
My mum also had the carrot and ginger juice, which made me feel nauseous, it honestly felt like I was drinking pasta sauce, maybe I'm just ignorant I  don't know. I on the other hand had the strawberry, apple and mint juice, it was so delicious, and tasted really fresh and raw.

 For lunch I had Cha Han which I believe is 77 on the menu, and besides it being delicious, I adore that it comes with a side of pickles, which are so incredibly delicious and tangy and crunchy and a miso soup aswell which I always drink last.
 I then went on to get some cards and gifts for birthdays and weddings coming up, and I was blown away at these gorgeous cards, the ones on the right are 3D cards that you make yourself, and behind the 3D dog you can perhaps make out the outline of a pirate ship which is another 3D card, and the pirate ship rocks from side to side!

Finally, just before I left Percy Pig sweets which are really really popular in the UK were celebrating his 21st birthday so they had a whole display stand with loads of variations of the Percy Pig sweets, one of the cute gifts was this piggy back, but I loved the grass on the bottom of it, so cute!

Tomorrow I am excited to be filming a brand new video for you guys to go up at the weekend!


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