Barbie Hen Party - Makeup & Outfit

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Congratulations to my beautiful sister on her roaring success of a hen party!
I'd organised a cocktail making class and Georgie has insisted that she wanted a Barbie themed everything else so I tried my best to make that clear!

A lot of girls showed up in pink and looked fabulous, we ate Italian food before going on to the class, and then a few clubs before walking back along Brighton coast to fall into our hotel bed!
My sister was so hyperactive from all the cocktails that we ended up ordering food at about 3am but I really wasn't all that hungry by that point!

 My sister and I are both wearing dresses from Lipsy that we bought on Ebay, and they are both already relisted on ebay to sell on to some other lucky buyer. My sister was in head to toe glitter and looked like a real Barbie, she had her hair blow dried professionally and curled too!
My dress was a black bustier with a pink ruffle skirt, I loved it very much but it was a size too big for me!
We're both wearing Barbie Hen Party sashes with 'The Bride' on the back of my sisters and 'Maid of Honour' on the back of mine!
 This is the best photograph that I have of my makeup, I'm wearing a hot pink in the crease and a cobalt blue on the lid, I also cut a pair of false lashes in half and stuck them to the outer corner of my lashes to create a real 'doll' effect.

Here's a shot of the whole hen party, we looked such a fun sight all together, but we were all feeling rather worse for wear by the end. The red shots that you can see on the bar are 'chilli' shots and were absolutely disgusting I must say! Mine made me feel quite ill that I had to sit out of the rest of the class and just sip water which was a bit of a shame as tehre were so many yummy cocktails to try. But after a few hours I had perked up a fair bit!


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