The under 20s Bingo

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Any student will know that there comes a time when the purse strings get a little tight, my good friend came up with a solution to (hopefully) solve all our woes. The free bingo on Thursdays! I do not usually condone any kind of gambling to solve any kind of problems, I actually didn't realise bingo was gambling until they asked for my ID, since it was free we figured nothing lost if nothing gained.

The sad truth of the matter was that nothing was gained, even though a lady next to me won £900!
It was my first Bingo experience and was actually pretty intense, there really was no time for chitter chatter, and the numbers came very quickly too. It took me a while to get the hang of the system because I had to look at a lot more numbers than I expected, here is my very unlucky Bingo booklet. I have to say, using the 'dabber' was particularly fun.


Here's the look of concentration from my friend who would not be delighted at having this picture made public, so you'll have to imagine the look of concentration. We have the same jumper and the funny/awkward thing was that I nearly wore that jumper too, it's the one from my Lana Del Rey makeup tutorial and the only reason that I did not wear it was because I couldn't find it!

 So there is my proof that under 20s can hang out at bingo halls


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