Sunny day stitching!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

I decided to crack on with a craft project that I'd been meaning to complete for a while now, It's been sitting in a pre cut pack in my room since Easter!
It's a 'make your own felt doll' kit, and comes with all the felt and stuffing. I think it was meant to come with thread and a sewing needle too although mine didn't, but luckily I have plenty of that so it was no problem. I thought that it might take me a couple of hours to assemble but it actually took me all day, it turns out that i am a slow hand stitcher, or much slower than I though. I guess I could have done it by machine, but sewing at a machine is less theraputic I think as they're all noisy and such.

Here is the little before and after for you!

She may look a little scruffy or rough around the edges but I got a real sense of satisfaction from making her, I decided to name her Delilah!
I would really encourage you to do something similar just as a bit of mental therapy for the day!


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