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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

One of the things I've really missed since coming home for Summer is cooking for myself, although I can cook for myself here at home of course, it's not the same when you're not in 'your' kitchen and you don't purchase the food yourself. But I've been looking at lots of new recipes to try when I get back, I like watching cooking videos on YouTube a lot, but it takes a bit of leg work to find a really great channel with high quality filming and obtainable ingredients in the UK.

My absolute favourite of the moment has been the Taste made channel which I will link here
They post new videos Sunday to Friday with a different show and presenter for each day of the week. My favourite day is Tuesdays for the Raw.Vegan. Not gross
The presenter is Laura Miller, and to be honest I firstly just love her, she has this wonderful rich voice that just soothes the soul! She's also entertaining and easy to watch. I've been addicted to every video she's done on the channel, which isn't many since it's a new channel and I've probably watched them all twice. For most (maybe all?) recipes you need a food processor which is a tool that we don't have, but today is my mums birthday (happy brithday mummy) and she wants to get one with some vouchers that she got for Lakeland, so now I'm dreaming of making tomato tarts and chocolate truffles.

I'll a couple of my favorites here:

Let me know if you watch any cooking channels and what your favourite ones are!


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