Sitting on Stage - Derren Brown Infamous Tour

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The stage is very minimal with just a rickety wooden chair on it, I was very excited to be seeing Derren Brown in the flesh. They were extremely strict on the concept of absolutely no photographs mid performance or in the interval under threat of being removed from the beautiful Palace theater London. I took this one at the very start, before the performance had begun so it's all I have to remember it by!

Derren was a really fantastic performer and truly live entertainment with just amazement after amazement! And it's crazy how all the little amazing things that he does interlink into one big amazing finale, it's just outright bizarre! There's a lot of audience participation and in the interval there was a chance to get on stage for the second half of the show on a first come first served basis so I got to sit up on the stage and it was suuuuuuuper hot under all those lights. But a once in a lifetime thing to see Derren perform that closely.

On the way home to cool down I delighted in having a Percy Pig ice lolly which was super delicious!


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