Oh my Oyster!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Today, we went on a trip to a cute little seaside town called Whitstable.
I made the mistake of doing my age old trick of wearing leggings under jeans to keep me extra toasty when it actually turned out to be really really warm.
Nonetheless, we took several food breaks and had a lovely time.
It was tremendously busy as Prince Charles and Camilla were making some sort of majestic appearance, not that I was particularly interested with that.
 You might squirm a little if you've not tasted these foods before, but they really are good

First we had Oysters, they came on ice and were served with lemon

Then I had a tub of cockles which are my absolute favorite - I know *squirm and gag* to the non shellfish easters
 We then did have a proper dinner, in this cute little place that I was desperate to eat at, but it actually didn't turn out to be that great food, I hadn't been there since I was 11 years old so I was keen to re live the nostalgia, but unfortunately, it dissappointed me, such is life.

Nonetheless, we went on to another place to eat cake, and my goodness it was good cake.

 Afterwards, we looked around the gallery downstairs, but I didn't really love anything there like I do at some galleries.

I got home feeling rpetty exhausted, and desperate to change into something cooler, but I was feeling very blessed to have such a wonderful sunset outside my window whilst I wound down


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